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We are one of the largest global leaders serving the full-spectrum needs of simulation-based education and training for healthcare providers in China. We believe our range of products and simulators can fit your needs and we will do our best to serve you. Shuavita is looking to create partnerships with companies sharing the same vision and values. Don't hesitate to contact us, and we can start dialogue and create business and friendship relationships.

Shuavitta has a professional after-sales team which will provide solutions and effective and useful technical support on all sides in time when our customers have any questions related to our products. Their rich technical experience and thoughtful sense of service will be your solid after-sales protection.
1. Schallware GMBH
Schallware GmbH is located in Berlin, Germany. It has its own Ultrasound R&D both in hardware and software, Ultrasound marketing department and Ultrasound training center. The ultrasound data comes from Hannover University, the best medical university of Germany. The Schallware customers covers West Europe, America, Asia, such as Johns Hopkins University in US, CHU de Bordeaux in France, St. Gallen in Zurich and Winsor University in Canada. In 2008 it established partnership with Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD) and Abbott……

2.  Anatomage Inc.
Anatomage Inc. is a company specializing on 3D medical technology. Founded 2004, Anatomage has been consistently growing and expanding through the years. The company office is located in San Jose, California, next to many high tech companies. Inheriting the spirit of Sillicon Valley, Anatomage has been building the company with dedication, fast moving, innovation, and leadership.

3.  Fuzhou Kangdabafang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007, it is a manufacturer of multi-parameter patient monitor and application software of medical equipment.
4.CMICS Medical Instrument Co., Ltd.CMICS Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. is a professional developer, manufacturer and exporter of medical electronic instrument in China.
Since the establishment in 1985, CMICS have been supplying the best products and services as per market situation and customer  requirement, by focusing the efforts on constant extension of product line and aggressive exploration of worldwide market. 

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